Longing for Genuine Global Solidarity

Two events featuring Fadhel Kaboub. Added to #GlobalMMT Fadhel Kaboub’s page, Job Guarantee and Green New Deal.

— Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) Duke Undergraduate Environmental Union March 20,2021 (01:09:00)

Understanding MMT and the Job Guarantee in the Global South with Fadhel Kaboub | Including: Longing for Genuine Global Solidarity — Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) Verbum March 6, 2021 (02:04:18)

Bonus! Kaboub’s YouTube channel here

Law & Political Economy

The Law & Political Economy (LPE) Project — housed at Yale Law School — “brings together a network of scholars, practitioners, and students working to develop innovative intellectual, pedagogical, and political interventions to advance the study of political economy and law. Our work is rooted in the insight that politics and the economy cannot be separated and that both are constructed in essential respects by law. We believe that developments over the last several decades in legal scholarship and policy helped to facilitate rising inequality and precarity, political alienation, the entrenchment of racial hierarchies and intersectional exploitation, and ecological and social catastrophe. We aim to help reverse these trends by supporting scholarly work that maps where we have gone wrong, and that develops ideas and proposals to democratize our political economy and build a more just, equal, and sustainable future.”

From UC Davis Journal of Law & Political Economy: Better Than Jail: Social Policy in the Shadow of Racialized Mass Incarceration
— Noah D. Zatz, Professor, UCLA School of Law, 2021 Posted to Research section of our Job Guarantee page.

Explore their blog, which features a nifty set of sort fields. Added to the NiceThings blogroll. Watch for contributions from the young lawyers and law students affiliated or associated with Modern Money Network (MMN), inlcuding Ashley Burke (@lilburke247), Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Emma Caterine (@EmmaCaterineDSA), Rohan Grey (@rohangrey) and Luke Herrine (@LDHerrine).

Public Money: Current Affairs talks with Rohan Grey & Raúl Carrillo

Added to Podcasts Back in Oct 2018, Rohan Grey & Raúl Carrillo talked with Current Affairs host Pete Davis about the MMT view of public spending.
Listen here. (57 min)

From Current Affairs: “Current Affairs host Pete Davis talks with the Modern Money Network’s Rohan Grey and Raúl Carrillo about Modern Monetary Theory, the big idea shaking up the Left’s view of public spending. They — and their ragtag band of economists, activists and politicians — are questioning everything you thought you knew about debt, deficits, spending, and money.”

“To listen to interviews when they first come out — and gain access to our patrons’ “Bird Feed” — consider becoming a monthly patron at our Patreon page. Call into Current Affairs anytime at (504) 867-8851.”

Warren Mosler

As it happens, while watching for content to add to the site, I’m generally moving back in forth in time. Tonight, I participated in a chat that touched on Warren Mosler’s contribution to MMT thinking. Consequently, I’ve added four or five pieces older pieces to his page, here. Warren, while neither an academic nor an economist, is generally regarded as the founder of MMT. I’ll be adding more to the page, but this seems a good start.

A collection of graphics

Via twitter and his YouTube channel, Sam Levey — aka @SamHLevey aka @DeficitOwls — has been collecting and sharing graphics for years. Sam has graciously shared them with me. Now we need to figuring out how to best share them with all of you, i.e. where to best put them. He notes: “if you want them stored as a teaching repository (as in, you want there to be a place for MMT-competent people to find the graphics as needed for conversation, then make a dedicated page. Or, if you want them to help actually teach people who are new, intersperse them in explanations.” I have both purposes in mind, and will do both. Grouping may be a challenge. Looking forward to Sam’s help and to subsequent additions from other folks. It’s going to take a little time…