A handful of sources have emerged as regular producers of videos featuring principal proponents and explainers of theory, as well as its application:
Bill Mitchell’s YouTube Channel
C-Span – Stephanie Kelton
The Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies
MMTed Q&A: where MMT experts answer questions submitted by the public
Modern Money Network
Deficit Owls,
Real Progressives

Below, in chronological order, are videos from occasional sources. You’ll find videos on other pages, too.

Economic Society of Australia May 25, 2022 (00:52:00)

Warren Mosler on MMT, CBDC, bitcoin, bonds, interest rates, inflation, taxes and unemployment
— Paul Buitink (@paulbuitink) Reinvent Money.July 27, 2021 (1:07:21)

Representative John Yarmuth on President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request
– House Budget Committee C-SPAN June 17,2021 (27:10)

Miami-Dade Young Democrats (@MDYDemocrats) leadership talk with former banker and investor Warren Mosler (@WBMosler) about the intricacies of fiscal and monetary policy. Feb 16, 2021 (01:33:00)

— Ron Biscardi iConnections (@iconnections2) 2021 Global Alternatives Conference, Feb 11, 2021 (39:53)

Stephanie Kelton On Biden, Stimulus, And The Myth Of The Big Bad Deficit
— Julianna Forlano (@JuliannaForlano) Host, Executive Producer ActTV (34:44)

— Geoff Ginter (@Geoff_Ginter), Citizens Media Aug 10,2020

Why we need to debunk the ‘deficit myth’
— Stephanie Kelton BBC Reel (@BBC_reel) June 29, 2020 (05:09)

Economist Stephanie Kelton on US unemployment crisis: ‘The only game in town is the federal government’
— Matt Frei @MattFrei) Channel 4 News June 4, 2020 00:09:00

Modern Money Theory Explained | Interview with Pavlina Tcherneva – PART 1

acTVism Munich June 2, 2020

“The Case for a Global Green New Deal: Climate Debt & Colonial Reparations”
— Fadhel Kaboub Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity April 1, 2020 (01:20:00)

MMT in the time of COVID19: the Economics. Listen from 31:22-59:00
— Nicole Sandler, Stephanie Kelton The Nicole Sandler Show

— Christian Reilly (@ChristReilly) (@MMTPodcast), Jeff Epstein (@citizensmediatv) (03:53)

“MMT as a new paradigm in economics to resolve the crisis the world is in after several decades of neoliberalism.” (35:25)

Stephanie Kelton: Modern Monetary Theory’s Take on Fiscal Policy
— 2019 CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Madrid. Nov 25, 2019 (54:37)

— Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart), Tracy Alloway (@tracyalloway), Stephanie Kelton (@StepphanieKelton) Odd Lots Bloomberg Markets and Finance Oct 7, 2019 (28:11)

— Warren Mosler (@WBMosler), Ed Harrison (@edwardnh), RealVision (@realvision), June 14, 2019 (57:00)

Macroeconomics with Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell and Martin J Watts, Birmingham Note: Mosler mentions a White Paper, the draft of which is here.
The Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies, May 11, 2019 (02:49:51)

VELSHI & RUHLE • Breaking down a popular economic theory for some 2020 candidates • The 2020 candidates will be talking a lot about their economic plans and we have talked about one economic theory that claims we don’t have to balance our budget or worry about debt or deficits.
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi) Stephanie Ruhle (@SRuhle) MSNBC (@MSNBC) Feb 13, 2019

— Pavlina Tcherneva (@PTcherneva), Philip Harvey, Rohan Grey (@rohangrey)‏, Darrick Hamilton (@DarrickHamilton), Daniel Sufranski Harvard Law School Jan 10, 2019

Professor Lars P. Syll (Economics and economic history), Malmö University talks with Stephanie Kelton
— March 9, 2019

Why America Can’t Afford to go Without a Green New Deal
— Thom Hartmann (@Thom_Hartmann) talks with Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Dec 11, 2018 (11:54)

Myth busting: how we pay for what we need and the purpose of taxes
Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) Get Up, Australia, Dec 3, 2018 (31:42)

John Barron (@JohnBarronUSA) and Chas Licciardello (@Chas_USA) chat with Stephanie Kelton on the occasion of her appearance in Australia. ABC (Australia) Planet America (@ABCPlanetAmerica) Nov 23, 2018 (19:01)

— Graham Elwood (@GrahamElwood) talks with Professor of Economics, Dr. Fadhel Kaboub, about MMT and it’s potential for saving the earth’s people from total climate collapse. Nov 8, 2018 (50:52)

Graham Elwood (@GrahamElwood) talks with Dr. Steven Hail (@StevenHailAus), lecturer of economics at the University of Adelaide, about learning MMT and stopping climate change. Oct 13, 2018 (17:47)

— Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) @JimmyDoreShow, Oct 12, 2018 (33:55)

— Laura Flanders (@GRITlaura)
Oct 4, 2018 The Laura Flanders Show (@theLFshow)

MMT, Trump Taxes, Job Guarantee, Cryptocurrency
– L. Randall Wray Pocket Change Podcast Aug 2018 (44:00)

From Loud and Clear Growing Inequality and Poverty in the US: Economic Theories for Change
— Brian Becker (@BrianBeckerDC) and John Kiriakou (@JohnKiriakou) explore MMT with Prof. Stephanie Kelton and Jim Kavanaugh (@ThePolemicist_) (@NatCounterPunch) Sputnik (@SputnikInt) — July 26, 2018 (Part 1 at 4:00 through 20:00 of 2:00:00, Part 2 @ 98:45 – Cross posted at Spreaker)

Democracy at Work — Left Out: Pavlina Tcherneva on the Macroeconomic Effects of a Job Guarantee Paul Sliker (@psliker) speaks with Pavlina Tcherneva at the Levy Economics Institute about the macroeconomic effects of a federal job guarantee, the common criticisms of its design and implementation, how a federal job guarantee can ensure states, local governments and communities will create enough jobs and more. Democracy at Work, @leftoutpodcast — July 24, 2018 (1:15:00)

— July 23, 2018 (9:46)

A Job Guarantee or the Universal Basic Income? | Interview with Stephanie Kelton — acTVism Munich, July 5, 2018

Michael Hudson, Stephanie Kelton, Gar Alperovitz, Pavlina Tchernova, Raul Carillo.. Left Forum June 7, 2018 (1:43:44)

David Dayen (@DDayen) talks about job guarantee proposals with conservative host Jimmy Sengenberger. Business for Breakfast on KDMT-AM 1690 in Denver, May 24, 2018 (53:23)

Burn the Debt Clock! with special guest economist Stephanie Kelton Electa Blog • Progressive News and Commentary — April 10, 2018 (1:11:00)

Modern Monetary Theory & Economic Education | with Stephanie Kelton — Part 1 AcTVism Munich • Information that Moves — March 21, 2018 (16:00)

Fadhel Kaboub, President of Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity (@GISP_tweets) – MUST Listen! buzzsprout — Hopping Mad with Will McLeod & Arliss Bunny (@IMHoppingMad)
March 11, 2018 (1:58:29)

Democracy at Work — Left Out: Stephanie Kelton on MMT and debunking budget deficit myths
Kelton debunks budget deficit and government spending myths (deconstructs the linguistic framing), and explains why understanding how our monetary system works is crucial to making the political and economic case for important programs like universal health care, free public higher education, infrastructure investment, cancelling all public and private student debt in the U.S., and the role of and challenges for women in economics. Democracy at Work, @leftoutpodcast — March 8, 2018 (1:15:41)

TYT Investigates
Bernie’s Economist Explains Why We Can Actually Have Nice Things
Ryan Grim (@RyanGrim) talks with Stephanie Kelton who debunks Obama on national debt, deficit spending and human suffering; explains where the money comes from and how Congress works under current law. — March 2, 2018 (12:59)

The Young Turks — TYT Politics
Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) asks Stephanie Kelton about changing our views on the economy, on the politics of federal debt, deficit; trade and where it becomes a problem… on currency as social construct and the rules of the game. — Feb 21, 2018 (23:48)

But where will we find the money?
Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp (@LeeCamp) interviews Renegade Inc.’s Claire Connelly (@_claireconnelly) about the myths of money & history that led to the present political crisis and the connections among financial, cultural and social policy. (@RedactedTonight) (@Renegade_Inc) — Feb 9, 2018 (5:23)

But does the deficit really matter?
Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson (@jeremyhobson) speaks with economist Stephanie Kelton, who argues the words “debt” and “deficit” have been “weaponized for political ends.” — Feb 9, 2018 (5:23)

MMT is economics for the twenty first century where all money is just a government promise, backed by tax

Neoliberalism: Fantasy Economics — Jan 7, 2018 (6:30)

Nicole Sandler ShowTalking Money with Stephanie Kelton YouTube
Kelton talks about “the system we have,” introducing MMT to people with little or no grounding in economics. @nicolesandler
(From 32:35-1:00:00) Oct. 6. 2017

Majority Report with Sam SederThe Debt Crisis is a Myth & Modern Monetary Theory w/ Stephanie Kelton @SamSeder

Stephanie Kelton explains the Bretton Woods system; why leaving the Gold Standard creates policy flexibility; why Nixon took America off of the Gold Standard; why the Gold Standard way of thinking persists. Also: the nature of money in modern economics; how payment works; what actually causes inflation; why inflation is not the problem right now in global economics. Finally, taxes and how money works in society and the plutocrats who have an interest in perpetuating the debt myth. Sept 26, 2017 (58:11)

Citations Needed • Episode 11: The Deficits Racket Part I — Single Payer Propaganda War
Nima Shirazi (@wideasleepnima), Adam Johnson (@adamjohnsonNYC), Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Citations NeededSept 27, 2017 (1:03:00)

The Wall is in Washington – Monetary Neoliberalism –
Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Sept 11, 2017 (11:59)

The Basics of Modern Money
A nation’s currency is a wonderful, powerful thing. Learn how countries like the U.S.—which issue their own sovereign currency—can afford to use that currency to serve their citizens. Get inspired about our untapped potential, and learn to be less worried about the so-called “national debt”! — June 1, 2017 (6:29)

What is MODERN MONETARY THEORY? What does MODERN MONETARY THEORY mean? — Feb 15, 2017 (5:51)

MMT: Inflation Is The Constraint To Government Deficits The limit is inflation. If the government tries to purchase more than what the economy can produce at the given price, then it will be competing with private buyers, and this will lead to producers bidding up prices for scarce products. In such a scenario, the government would need to raise taxes in order to reduce private demand for goods and services, to “make room” for its own spending. /snip
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) Deficit Owls Nov 21, 2016 (00:03:16)

Stephanie Kelton – How To Create A Currency From Scratch — Oct 16, 2016 (9:47)

The Government Does Not Need Your Money
@StephanieKelton, @benbernanke, Allen Greenspan, Joseph Stigliz, Michael Hudson, Richard Nixon, @Mauerback. Aug 24, 2016 (2:53)

Can the U.S. ‘Print Money’ to Pay Down the National Debt?
L. Randall Wray discusses the U.S. national debt and inflation with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal on “What’d You Miss?” (Source: Bloomberg) May 12, 2016 (4:00)

Former Undersecretary and Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Frank Newman: Government Finance Columbia Law School, New York Dec 1, 2015 (22:18)

Stephanie Kelton – The Angry Birds Approach to Understanding Deficits in the Modern Economy — Nov 1, 2015 (1:18:37)

L. Wrandall Ray – Modern Money Theory: Intellectual Origins and Policy Implications — International and Comparative Law Center (ICLC) Seminar Series Oct 2015 (1:45:32)

“In a rare interview with a sitting Federal Reserve chairman-the first in 20 years-Ben Bernanke tells Scott Pelley what went wrong with America’s financial system.” Sept 29, 2015 60 Minutes (00:13:23)

MMT position on pre-distribution: taxing the rich and preventing excessive income *at the source*. https://www.Randall Wray – Part 2/8 — Sept 14, 2015 (9:21)

Taxes and money – Modern Monetary Theory MMT – Robert Brown
The role taxes play in a country that can produce its own sovereign currency — Aug 23, 2015 (9:11)

Bill Mitchell presents a coherent analysis of how money is created, how it functions in global exchange rate regimes, and how the mystification of the nature of money has constrained governments and prevented states from acting in the public interest. Institute for New Economic Thinking — March 19, 2015 (22:42)

Steven Hail’s 2014 presentation on modern money and the “budget emergency” is still timely.— Aug 31, 2014 (1:28:18)

“The Job Guarantee” featuring Pavlina Tcherneva from Jacobin on Vimeo.

Stephanie Kelton on The Zero Hour with Richard “RJ” Eskow talk about how economics textbooks are, since 1971, out of date; myth of the household metaphor. Aug 1, 2014 (14:45)

Warren Mosler’s talk in Chianciano, Italy, January 11, 2014 Video & Transcript
— Alexandria J.E. Angus, New Economic Perspectives, Jan.27, 2014

Warren Mosler: What Modern Monetary Theory Tells Us About Economic Policy
New Economic Thinking July 23, 2013

Explaining Money with Fadhel Kaboub from Conor Millen on Vimeo.

Thom Hartmann talks with Dr. Stephanie Kelton, Economist & Chair-Department of Economics University of Missouri-Kansas City / Editor-in-Chief, New Economic Perspectives. — Feb 25, 2013 (8:54)

Chris Hayes and Stephanie Kelton discuss minting a $1 trillion coin to pay the country’s “debt” on Up w/ Chris Hayes — Jan 12, 2013 (5:00)

Capital Account</em)

Stephanie Kelton on Modern Monetary Theory’s Goals for Full Employment and Government Deficits – and the contraints for currency issuers vs those for currency users.
Dec 11, 2012 (27:20)

Stephanie Kelton’s talk at the joint seminar on “Modern Monetary Theory” and “Monetary Circuit Theory” held at the Fields Institute. July 3, 2012 (1:22:48)