#GlobalMMT: Commentary re Developed & Developing Nations

As word spreads of the accuracy and advantages of the MMT lens for understanding and crafting monetary and fiscal policy, demand for economic literacy is growing and people are stepping up. This page provides a sample of their contributions.

The Case for a Global Green New Deal: Climate Debt & Colonial Reparations
— Fadhel Kaboub Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity April 1, 2020 (01:20:00)

Monetary Sovereignty, Colonialism and Independence • Fadhel Kaboub Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity
— Patricia Pino (@PatriciaNPino) and Christian Reilly (@christreilly) MMT podcastJan 27, 2019 (01:32:00)

The African Economic and Monetary Sovereignty Initiative • Africa’s Pandemic Response Calls for Reclaiming Economic and Monetary Sovereignty: An Open Letter

What does MMT have to Offer Developing Nations?
— Ndongo Samba Sylla (@nssylla) Brave New Europe Feb 27, 2020

— Bill Mitchell (@Billy_Blog) writes regularly. Searching “EuroZone” yields these.

Macroeconomic research, teaching and advocacy xxx for EU
COVID-19 and its economic consequences for the Euro Area
— Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Michael Paetz Springer (@Springernomics) Jan 16, 2021 BONUS explainer via Twitter thread

Coronavirus crisis: now is the hour of Modern Monetary Theory • Economist Peter Bofinger argues that MMT justifies a European ‘whatever it takes’ fiscal response — including eurobonds
— Peter Bofinger (@Peter Bofinger) IPS Journal (@IPS_Journal) March 27, 2020

Mobile Finance in Developing Countries: Macroeconomic Implications and Potential
— Rohan Grey (@RohanGrey) GISP June 2017

Canada – MMT Poster Child?
— Bill Mitchell (@Billy_Blog) Jan 20, 2020

Modern Monetary Theory: Cash-strapped governments a thing of the past? • States with a currency of their own can never run out of money. That’s a core thesis of the Modern Monetary Theory which spilled over to Europe from the US. German economist Dirk Ehnts elaborates on what it’s all about.
— Hardy Graupner Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Deutsche Welle June 2, 2020

The economic virtuous circle at the centre of MMT • Labour’s shadow economic secretary to the Treasury stated, earlier this week, that Labour doesn’t support Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). CHRIS WILLIAMSON asks why not
— Chris Williamson (@DerbyChrisW), Morning Star June 7, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) • Since the implementation of the programme, while benefitting 6.01 crore households in India’s villages, MGNREGA has generated 216.73 core person-days of employment as well as created 5.01 crore assets in rural India
— Mohd Mustaquim (@Mustaquimm) Rural Marketing (@RuralMarketing_) January 11, 2021

India: Over 55 million households demand work under MGNREGA this year so far
— Sanjeeb Mukherjee (@sanjeebm77) Business Standard (@BSIndia), July 15, 2020

Does Japan’s experience vindicate MMT?
— Koichi Hamada, The Japan Times (@JapanTimes), July 9, 2019

Can MMT be Japan’s savior?
— Sayuri Shirai, The Japan Times (@JapanTimes), July 9, 2019

Is Japan a “model” for modern monetary theory?
— Shuji Noguchi NHK World (@NHKWORLD_News), Juy 2, 2019

Japan Is Having Its Own Heated Debate Over Modern Monetary Theory
— Toru Fujioka, Enda Curran (@endacurran) Bloomberg & Yahoo News (@YahooNews) June 5, 2019

Modern Monetary Theory’s Reluctant Poster Child: Japan
— Ben Dooley (@BenjaminDooley),‏ New York Times June 5, 2019

Japan Does MMT
— L. Randall Wray, New Economic Perspectives June 4, 2019

‘We’re Already Doing It’: Japan Tests Unorthodox Economic Doctrine • Modern monetary theory is at center of debate over tax increase, and advocates say Tokyo needn’t worry about government deficits
— Megumi Fujikawa (@megumifujikawa), Wall Street Journal May 15, 2019

Finance Ministry raises red flag over modern monetary theory #Japan
— Tetsuya Kasai, The Asahi Shimbun AJW | Asia & Japan Watch (@AJWasahi), May 7, 2019

U.S. professor: Japan shatters notion of deficit boogeyman
— Takashi Ebuchi (@EBUCHI_Takashi), The Asahi Shimbun (@AJWasahi) April 27, 2019

More from Bill Mitchell

New Zealand
Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail argue modern monetary theory offers desperately needed clear thinking and fresh ideas for our society and our democracy
— Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail Interest (@interestNZ) (@interest) Nov 27, 2020 MORE

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The Case for Scottish Independence with Kairin Van Sweeden Executive director of Modern Money Scotland, works with the Scottish National Party.
— Real Progressives Kairin Van Sweeden (@IndyAnatomist) Jan 30, 2021 (01:11:50) Transcript available

Nicola Sturgeon indicates a Job Guarantee would be part of a Scottish Green New Deal
— Sean Bell (@SeanCMBell) Commonspace (@TheCommonSpace) Aug 8, 2019

The MMT Podcast #15 Modern Monetary Theory and the economics of an independent Scotland
— Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly talk with Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Chris Cook May 9, 2019 (02:30:43)

Modern Monetary Theory and an Independent Scotland
— Cameron Archibald Bella Caledonia (@bellacaledonia) Jan 7, 2019