Job Guarantee is in the House

Feb 2021: Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-MA 07, introduced a House Resolution recognizing the duty of the federal government to create a federal job guarantee.Read it here. We’ll see what happens next.

Money on the Left — Maxximilian Seijo and Andrés Bernal reflect on this historical moment in intersectional left-wing activism.Feb 18, 2021 (21:28)

Previously overlooked
Congress’ failure to extend the stimulus reveals a broken safety net, but a jobs guarantee could wipe out unemployment for good • Pavlina Tcherneva, a Bard professor and one of the economists pioneering research into Modern Monetary Theory, said federally guaranteed jobs may address poverty and help communities better than universal basic incomes.
— Allana Akhtar (@allanaakh) Business Insider (@businessinsider) July 31, 2020

Added to our Job Guarantee page, here.

Kelton to Investment Managers: #MMTWorks

iConnections’ presents themselves as bringing “the investment management community together.” For their 2021 Global Alternatives Conference, CEO Ron Biscardi interviewed Stephanie Kelton about seeing sovereign nations through the lens of MMT. I’ve added the interview to Videos and the dedicated Stephanie Kelton page. As always, Kelton is a delight to watch, listen and learn from.

— Ron Biscardi iConnections (@iconnections2) 2021 Global Alternatives Conference, Feb 11, 2021 (39:53)

Law and Political Economy

Law and Political Economy Projects presents International Law of Money
For the past two decades, the legal construction of money has received increasing attention from scholars of history and (heterodox) economics. Legal scholarship on the international law of money has lagged behind. Yet, it is widely recognized that international monetary dynamics are key to the democracy-curbing effects of neoliberalism as expressed through the ‘Washington Consensus’ and enforced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This panel is aimed at exploring the wider context of the international law of money (which is central to the international dimensions of neoliberalism) encouraging the development of this area of scholarship as a conscious sub-field of international law. Feb 8, 2021 8:00am pacific 90 min

Panel (register and download panelist presentations here)

• John Haskell (University of Manchester School of Law), The Political Economy Turn in International Law and Why Money Matters
• Karina Patrício Ferreira Lima (University of Leeds School of Law; Durham Law School), Legal Political Economy of Sovereign Insolvency Governance
• Nathan Tankus, (Modern Money Network & “Notes on the Crises”),
Monetary Sovereignty and the Federal Reserve’s International COVID-19 Response
• Rohan Grey, (Willamette University College of Law, Modern Money Network, Digital Fiat Currency Institute), The International Law of Digital Currency


Added to #Global MMT: Commentary From & About Developing Nations & Emerging Markets

COVID-19 and its economic consequences for the Euro Area
— Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Michael Paetz Springer (@Springernomics) Jan 16, 2021 BONUS explainer viaTwitter thread

— Bill Mitchell (@Billy_Blog) writes regularly. Searching “EuroZone” yields these.

Scotland is Part of #Global MMT

Scotland being a good example, at some point I imagine creating a page for each of the countries with an MMT presence. Bill Mitchell has been writing about Scotland — here — for nearly a decade. So that’s a good place to start. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve add to added to #GlobalMMT: Commentary re Developed & Developing Nations

The Case for Scottish Independence with Kairin Van Sweeden Executive director of Modern Money Scotland, works with the Scottish National Party.
— Real Progressives, Kairin Van Sweeden (@IndyAnatomist) Jan 30, 2021 (01:11:50) Transcript available

Nicola Sturgeon indicates a Job Guarantee would be part of a Scottish Green New Deal
— Sean Bell (@SeanCMBell) Commonspace (@TheCommonSpace) Aug 8, 2019

The MMT Podcast #15 Modern Monetary Theory and the economics of an independent Scotland
— Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly talk with Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Chris Cook May 9, 2019 (02:30:43)

Modern Monetary Theory and an Independent Scotland
— Cameron Archibald Bella Caledonia (@bellacaledonia) Jan 7, 2019

The Eurozone

Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts), who I was fortunate enough to meet at an MMT conference in NYC a few years back, mentioned that he is seeing increasing demand “for MMT.” One thing led to another, in this case a new page linked from the FAQ, dedicated to the Eurozone, with these starting entries:
Britain is now free of the legal neoliberalism that has killed prosperity in Europe
— Bill Mitchell (@BillyBlog) Jan 7, 2021

Dirk Ehnts – The Eurozone is Fully Committed to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
— Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Brave New Europe April 4, 2020

Stephanie Kelton (MMT): Why the euro is a bad idea Suso Medin Dec 6, 2018 (03:18).

Fadhel Kaboub on GND

Added to our Green New Deal page under Nice Things We Can Have: How to Design and Pay for a Green New Deal
— Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (@rosaluxnyc) Jan 19, 2021

In what is hopefully an example of useful redundancy, I’ve also added to “How We Pay for It” (Under Resources) and Fadhel’s page (under Primary Sources).

VERY Good, Short MMT Explanation

Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) posted on Twitter a very good, short explanation of what is and is not MMT. Here it is: