Fadhel Kaboub

Fadhel Kaboub Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University, President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity @FadhelKaboub @GISP_Tweets. Below a sample of material. More here and (videos) here.

The Economics of Healthcare |
— Peter Hager (@Vote4Pedro2018) & Jen Perelman (@JENFL23) talk with Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) & Wendell Potter (@WendellPotter) JENerational Change July 24, 2021 (54:09)

Pour échapper au piège de la dette, la Tunisie doit changer de moteur économique • Alors que l’endettement public dépasse les 100 % du PIB, l’économiste Fadhel Kaboub estime que le pays est enfermé dans un cercle vicieux insoutenable. Translation: “To escape the debt trap, Tunisia must change its economic engine • While public debt exceeds 100% of GDP, economist Fadhel Kaboub believes that the country is locked in an unsustainable vicious circle.”
— Lilia Blaise (Tunis, correspondance) (@liliagaida) Le Monde (@lemondefr) May 20, 2021

Four Labor and the Jobs (sic) Guarantee Webinars
Fadhel Kaboub, Sandy Darity, Sydney Ghazarian, and Kari Thompson
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, NY Office April 1, 2021

18th May Paris summit … Macron’s plan to (…) exploit its former colonies
— Serge Seppoh (@sergeseppoh) EcoBusiness May, 2021

“Modern Monetary Theory.” Finance Training Session, Illinois Office of the State Treasurer, 3/19/21

Africa’s Path Towards Resilience and Sovereignty – The Real Wakanda is Within Reach • Colonialism stripped Africa of agency and confidence as well as material resources. In this article Fadhel Kaboub sets out a path towards independence and prosperity. He calls for a thorough-going rejection of the policy prescriptions offered by the former colonial powers, a renewed faith in the energy and creativity of Africa’s peoples, and a step-by-step programme to build sovereignty through the expansion of domestic production in energy, food and value added goods.
Tax Justice @TaxJustice.net 1st Quarter 2021 – pg 14

Duke Undergraduate Environmental Union March 20,2021 (01:09:00)

Understanding MMT and the Job Guarantee in the Global South with Fadhel Kaboub | Including: Longing for Genuine Global Solidarity — Verbum March 6, 2021 (02:04:18)

The Spectrum of Monetary Sovereignty in Developing Nations with Ndongo Samba Sylla and Fadhel Kaboub
— Macro n Cheese: Real Progressives Podcast (53:43)

How to Design and Pay for a Green New Deal
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (@rosaluxnyc) Jan 19, 2021

“The Case for a Global Green New Deal: Climate Debt & Colonial Reparations”
Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity April 1, 2020 (01:17:00)

Bloomberg @business @TheStalwart @tracyalloway April 18, 2019 (subscription required)

The Case for a Job Guarantee in the UK
City University of London April 26, 2018 (55:05)

Starting here, a Twitter tƒ3head

Progressive Economics – An Affordable Job Guarantee Program Northeast Ohio People’s Leadership Group & Real Progressives – Nov 30, 2017 (1:39:47)

Credit to Disney for the footage from Scrooge McDuck, used under Fair Use Provisions — Denison University 2013. (7:14)

Persistence of Poverty in “The Other America. Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio Oct 3, 2012 (14:40)