Fadhel Kaboub

Fadhel Kaboub Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University, President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity @FadhelKaboub @GISP_Tweets. Below a sample of material. More here and (videos) here.

Gas HITS $5/Gallon Avg, Americans CAN’T AFFORD HOUSING. Can Lawmakers DO ANYTHING?
— Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) The Hill (@HillTVLive) June 13, 2022 (00:12:18)

No, MMT Didn’t Wreck Sri Lanka • Debunking Bloomberg with Fadhel Kaboub
— Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) Wendell Potter (@wendellpotter) The Lens Apr 29, 2022

The Economics of Healthcare |
— Peter Hager (@Vote4Pedro2018) & Jen Perelman (@JENFL23) talk with Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) & Wendell Potter (@WendellPotter) JENerational Change July 24, 2021 (54:09)

Pour échapper au piège de la dette, la Tunisie doit changer de moteur économique • Alors que l’endettement public dépasse les 100 % du PIB, l’économiste Fadhel Kaboub estime que le pays est enfermé dans un cercle vicieux insoutenable. Translation: “To escape the debt trap, Tunisia must change its economic engine • While public debt exceeds 100% of GDP, economist Fadhel Kaboub believes that the country is locked in an unsustainable vicious circle.”
— Lilia Blaise (Tunis, correspondance) (@liliagaida) Le Monde (@lemondefr) May 20, 2021

Colonial Reparations & a Green New Deal for the Global South
— Fadhel Kaboub (@FadhelKaboub) Franklin College, Switzerland April 22, 2021 (01:32:12)

Four Labor and the Jobs (sic) Guarantee Webinars
Fadhel Kaboub, Sandy Darity, Sydney Ghazarian, and Kari Thompson
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, NY Office April 1, 2021

18th May Paris summit … Macron’s plan to (…) exploit its former colonies
— Serge Seppoh (@sergeseppoh) EcoBusiness May, 2021

“Modern Monetary Theory.” Finance Training Session, Illinois Office of the State Treasurer, 3/19/21

Africa’s Path Towards Resilience and Sovereignty – The Real Wakanda is Within Reach • Colonialism stripped Africa of agency and confidence as well as material resources. In this article Fadhel Kaboub sets out a path towards independence and prosperity. He calls for a thorough-going rejection of the policy prescriptions offered by the former colonial powers, a renewed faith in the energy and creativity of Africa’s peoples, and a step-by-step programme to build sovereignty through the expansion of domestic production in energy, food and value added goods.
Tax Justice @TaxJustice.net 1st Quarter 2021 – pg 14

Duke Undergraduate Environmental Union March 20,2021 (01:09:00)

Understanding MMT and the Job Guarantee in the Global South with Fadhel Kaboub | Including: Longing for Genuine Global Solidarity — Verbum March 6, 2021 (02:04:18)

The Spectrum of Monetary Sovereignty in Developing Nations with Ndongo Samba Sylla and Fadhel Kaboub
— Macro n Cheese: Real Progressives Podcast (53:43)

How to Design and Pay for a Green New Deal
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (@rosaluxnyc) Jan 19, 2021

“The Case for a Global Green New Deal: Climate Debt & Colonial Reparations”
Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity April 1, 2020 (01:17:00)

Bloomberg @business @TheStalwart @tracyalloway April 18, 2019 (subscription required)

The Case for a Job Guarantee in the UK
City University of London April 26, 2018 (55:05)

Starting here, a Twitter tƒ3head

Progressive Economics – An Affordable Job Guarantee Program Northeast Ohio People’s Leadership Group & Real Progressives – Nov 30, 2017 (1:39:47)

Credit to Disney for the footage from Scrooge McDuck, used under Fair Use Provisions — Denison University 2013. (7:14)

Persistence of Poverty in “The Other America. Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio Oct 3, 2012 (14:40)