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Having finally caught up with (Australian) Steven Hail’s productive relationship with editor @GarethHVaughan, I’ve added information to #GlobalMMT: Commentary re Developed & Developing Nations and created a page for Steven Hail. Linked from People Doubtless, I’ll be adding more.

Here’s the article that got my attention:
Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail argue modern monetary theory offers desperately needed clear thinking and fresh ideas for our society and our democracy
— Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail (@StevenHailAus) Interest (@interestNZ) (@interest) Nov 27, 2020 MORE

Galbraith: “tormenting central bankers is great fun”

Who’s Afraid of MMT? • It is not surprising that current and retired central bankers feel threatened by Modern Monetary Theory. With deep roots in the Keynesian tradition and a consistent commitment to achieving full employment, MMT shows that good economics and sound policy doesn’t have to be shrouded in obscurantist cant.
— James K. Galbraith, Project Syndicate (@ProSyn) Dec 23, 2020
Added to “Debates & Controversies” – still my favorite page on the site. Read from oldest (at the bottom) to newest to follow the story line.