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A little cleanup was in order for the site’s Green New Deal page. Research, proposals, programs, resolutions & commentary are now in chronological order. While tidying up, I took another look at Green New Deal for Europe and decided to list the names (and Twitter handles) of the many editors and contributors. In the name of useful redundancy, I added the link to the #GlobalMMT Commentary page. Readers may have noticed that material concerning fiscal and monetary policy for a nation not our own, can often be quite illuminating.

I’ll add more Twitter handles as I find them, perhaps with a little help from this Tweet.


Added to #Global MMT: Commentary From & About Developing Nations & Emerging Markets

COVID-19 and its economic consequences for the Euro Area
— Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Michael Paetz Springer (@Springernomics) Jan 16, 2021 BONUS explainer viaTwitter thread

— Bill Mitchell (@Billy_Blog) writes regularly. Searching “EuroZone” yields these.