Stephen Hail

Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail argue modern monetary theory offers desperately needed clear thinking and fresh ideas for our society and our democracy
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Gareth Vaughan taps into the thoughts of MMT economist Steven Hail, ex-RBNZ assistant governor John McDermott, and ANZ’s head of research Richard Yetsenga on monetary policy and other COVID era economic issues
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MMT economist Steven Hail argues that, as long as the New Zealand Government remains a monetary sovereign, there can never be a government debt crisis.
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Graham Elwood (@GrahamElwood) talks with Dr. Steven Hail (@StevenHailAus), lecturer of economics at the University of Adelaide, about learning MMT and stopping climate change. Oct 13, 2018 (17:47)

Steven Hail’s 2014 presentation on modern money and the “budget emergency” is still timely.— Aug 31, 2014 (1:28:18)