Nathan Tankus

“Notes on the Crises covers the play by play of the current pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers should respond to it as well as assessing how they actually are responding. There will normally be multiple articles a week. There will be periodic paid guest writers and articles will be professionally edited by a part-time editor. The more subscriptions Notes on the Crises gets, the more it will be able to produce.”

A 28-Year-Old With No Degree Becomes a Must-Read on the Economy • Subscribers to Nathan Tankus’s newsletter, Notes on the Crises, aren’t bothered by his lack of diplomas.
— Peter Coy, Bloomberg News July 2, 2020

The Green New Deal: Non-Fiscal “Pay-Fors” and Balance of Payments with Nathan Tankus
— Steve Grumbine, Macro and Cheese Nov 2019 (56:00:00)

Posted on Naked Capitalism between Sept 2012 and July 2015.