#Global MMT: Organizations and Principal Proponents

This page is for links to organizations and principal proponents of MMT focused outside of the US. Because MMT is global, content originating from the UK, Australia, etc. is included on multiple pages throughout this site. See also Commentary From & About Developing Nations & Emerging Markets ~~SR

Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity — @GISP_Tweets

Africa Monetary Sovereignty in Africa — @Mon_Sovereignty

Austria — @MMTAustria

AustraliaBill Mitchell — Modern Monetary Theory • Macroeconomic research, teaching and advocacy… since 2004 — @Billy_Blog — Steven Hail @StevenHailAus Modern Money Australia • The Modern Money Daily @ModernMoneyAus @GetUp

MMT Brasil —

Modern Monetary Theory in Canada — lkazdan@gmail.com


China — Vincent Huang: Chinese Green Job Guarantee: A Roadmap for Sustainable Prosperity Vincent Huang: A Green Job Guarantee For China The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

MMTFrance — @France_MMT

Germany — Pufendorf Gesellschaft — Dirk Ehnts @DEhnts @pufendorf_ev

MMT India — @IndiaMmt

Indonesia — BerpikirUlang (YouTube Channel) MacroekonomiSites @suryadalimunthe

Italy— RETE MMT Modern Money Primer, @retemmt info@retemmt.it @Barnard2018 Some background from Michael Hudson

New Zealand

MMT Scotland — MMTScotland@gmail.com — @MMTScotland

Spain — Red MMT — redmmt.info@redmmt.es, @RedMMT

MMT Ukraine— Medium @AlexValchyshen

UK — Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies — @GowerInitiative @MMTLabour