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How one economist is making some deficit hawks reconsider • The pandemic has offered economist Stephanie Kelton a chance to help turn Modern Monetary Theory into practice.          — Talib Visram (@TalibVisram), <em>Fast Company</em> (@FastCompany) Aug 10, 2021

Austerity Pete • Buttigieg settles on deficit hawkery as a closing argument in New Hampshire. It’s hard to think of a school of political thought with less credibility and less popularity.
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Democrats Need to Give Up Being Deficit Hawks Even When it Feels Good Politically
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Beware of Policies and Legislation Based on the Generational Accounting Scam
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Pete Peterson and the Deficit Hawks Teach Lawmakers Deep Fiscal Irresponsibility
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Bird Brains: From Austerity to Prosperity
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Deficit Hawks (Obama, Romney, Bowles, Boehner) Plan to Shrink YOUR Economy – Part 1, Part 2
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