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At DownWithTyranny, Happy New Year– So How Do We Pay For All The Stuff Bernie Is Campaigning On?

You’ll need to understand this stuff when you argue with your brother-in-law next Thanksgiving. By then, even he may be admitting he likes, for example, Medicare For All, but is worried how we’ll pay for it. Unless he’s already a student of Stephanie Kelton’s economic work, he probably has no idea.

The DownWithTyranny post links to TruthOut’s somewhat hard-to-read “But How Will We Pay for It?”: Modern Monetary Theory and Democratic Socialism, by Sean Keith and Alexander Kolokotronis.

Whoa, Cowboy!

Take a look at the op-ed by Stephanie Kelton in today’s LA Times, Congress can give every American a pony (if it breeds enough ponies).

Kelton introduces the idea that a government that issues its own currency can create money from nowhere, writing,

“Whoa, cowboy! Are you telling me that the government can just make money appear out of nowhere, like magic? Absolutely. Congress has special powers: It’s the patent-holder on the U.S. dollar. No one else is legally allowed to create it. This means that Congress can always afford the pony because it can always create the money to pay for it.

Now, that doesn’t mean the government can buy absolutely anything it wants in absolutely any quantity at absolutely any speed. (Say, a pony for each of the 320 million men, women and children in the United States, by tomorrow.) That’s because our economy has internal limits. If the government tries to buy too much of something, it will drive up prices as the economy struggles to keep up with the demand. Inflation can spiral out of control. There are plenty of ways for the government to get a handle on inflation, though. For example, it can take money out of the economy through taxation.”