Scotland is Part of #Global MMT

Scotland being a good example, at some point I imagine creating a page for each of the countries with an MMT presence. Bill Mitchell has been writing about Scotland — here — for nearly a decade. So that’s a good place to start. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve add to added to #GlobalMMT: Commentary re Developed & Developing Nations

The Case for Scottish Independence with Kairin Van Sweeden Executive director of Modern Money Scotland, works with the Scottish National Party.
— Real Progressives, Kairin Van Sweeden (@IndyAnatomist) Jan 30, 2021 (01:11:50) Transcript available

Nicola Sturgeon indicates a Job Guarantee would be part of a Scottish Green New Deal
— Sean Bell (@SeanCMBell) Commonspace (@TheCommonSpace) Aug 8, 2019

The MMT Podcast #15 Modern Monetary Theory and the economics of an independent Scotland
— Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly talk with Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Chris Cook May 9, 2019 (02:30:43)

Modern Monetary Theory and an Independent Scotland
— Cameron Archibald Bella Caledonia (@bellacaledonia) Jan 7, 2019

The Eurozone

Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts), who I was fortunate enough to meet at an MMT conference in NYC a few years back, mentioned that he is seeing increasing demand “for MMT.” One thing led to another, in this case a new page linked from the FAQ, dedicated to the Eurozone, with these starting entries:
Britain is now free of the legal neoliberalism that has killed prosperity in Europe
— Bill Mitchell (@BillyBlog) Jan 7, 2021

Dirk Ehnts – The Eurozone is Fully Committed to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
— Dirk Ehnts (@DEhnts) Brave New Europe April 4, 2020

Stephanie Kelton (MMT): Why the euro is a bad idea Suso Medin Dec 6, 2018 (03:18).