The Role of Higher Education in Realizing a Green New Deal

In order to restore the U.S.public higher education system to a condition fit for purpose throughout the coming “Decade of the Green New Deal,” …decisive action must be taken early to rollback neoliberal reforms and restore social, economic, and environmental justice to college and university campuses, campus workers, and students.”

Performative Public Finance for Higher Education: Academic Labor and the Green New Deal, from William O. Saas, Scott Ferguson in Liminalities

Green New deal

Eric Tymoigne

On Jan 15, Eric Tymoigne, Associate Professor of Economics at Lewis & Clark, tweeted: I have created links to the final drafts of all my papers, reviews, chapters at the following page (click on “DRAFT” at the end of the reference). He’s shared nearly two decades of work posted to his page. Many should be posted throughout this site.