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Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Professor Economics and Public Policy, Stony Brook. Three resources and commentary:

• Blog —  The Lens  • “The Lens is a portal into my academic and professional world. It’s a place to visit for economic analysis, commentary on public policy, and previews of forthcoming talks and publications.”

• Podcast — Best New Ideas in Money MarketWatch “To change the world, we may need to change money first. Best New Ideas in Money explores innovations that rethink how we live, work, spend, save and invest. Each week, MarketWatch reporter Charles Passy and economist Stephanie Kelton will talk to leaders in business, tech, finance and government about the next phase of money’s evolution, and meet real people whose lives are being changed as these new ideas are put to the test.”

Published in New Economic Perspectives, 2013-18 – ssome broken links. Kelton’s webpage; HERE.

How Many More Trillions Before the Debt Triggers a Crisis?
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), John B.Taylor, Pairagraph (@pairagraph) June 5, 2022

Is This What Winning Looks Like?
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) New York Times Business (@NYTimesBusiness) Feb 6, 2022

An Inflated Sense of Inflation (w/ Stephanie Kelton) #Labor Shortages
— Episode 220: Rumble w/ Michael Moore (@MMFlint) Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) (01:04:00) Nov 18, 2021

MMT and the deficit myth — Lars P. Syll, Sept 12, 2021

TED talks: The Big Myth of Government Deficits                                                               
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Ted Talks; (@TedTalks) Aug 2021, (13:46)

How one economist is making some deficit hawks reconsider • The pandemic has offered economist Stephanie Kelton a chance to help turn Modern Monetary Theory into practice.          — Talib Visram (@TalibVisram), <em>Fast Company</em> (@FastCompany) Aug 10, 2021

Economist: ‘Every deficit is good for someone … The question is for whom?’
MSNBC April 9, 2021

Biden Can Go Bigger and Not ‘Pay for It’ the Old Way • By focusing on how much revenue they hope to raise from tax increases on the well-off, Democrats risk limiting the scope of their ambitions.
New York Times April 7, 2021

The Trillion-Dollar Woman • A conversation with the economist Stephanie Kelton about the “deficit myth,” Modern Monetary Theory for dummies, and why the age of capital may finally be ending
— Anand Giridharadas (@AnandWrites) The.Ink Mar 30, 2021

— Ron Biscardi iConnections (@iconnections2) 2021 Global Alternatives Conference, Feb 11, 2021 (39:53)

Stephanie Kelton On Biden, Stimulus, And The Myth Of The Big Bad Deficit
— Julianna Forlano (@JuliannaForlano) Host, Executive Producer, ActTV (34:44)
Interview: Stephanie Kelton Talks MMT and More
—Nathan Robinson (@NathanJRobinson), Sparky Abraham (@sparkyabraham), Current Affairs (@curaffairs) Nov 14, 2020
Why we need to debunk the ‘deficit myth’
— Stephanie Kelton BBC Reel (@BBC_reel) June 29, 2020 (05:09)
Stephanie Kelton: MMT, the Crisis, and the Real Economy
— Richard Eskow (@RJEskow) Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) Zero Hour (@TZHRJ) March 28, 2020 (18:06)

MMT in the time of COVID19: the Economics. Listen from 31:22-59:00
— Nicole Sandler, Stephanie Kelton The Nicole Sandler Show

Stephanie Kelton: Modern Monetary Theory’s Take on Fiscal Policy — 2019 CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Madrid. Nov 25, 2019 (54:37)

— Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart), Tracy Alloway (@tracyalloway) for Odd Lots, Stephanie Kelton (@StepphanieKelton) Bloomberg Markets and Finance Oct 7, 2019 (28:11)

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What is Modern Monetary Theory?
— Nick Hanauer (@NickHanauer), David Goldstein (@GoldyHA) Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer April 23, 2019 (45:07)

Sometimes teachers teach via social media.  Here’s a Kelton thread on Social Security, Medicare, and payroll taxes.

Stephanie Kelton opens the Stony Brook U Presidential Lecture Series addresses five commonplace myths of the US economy: What is the deficit? What is the national debt? What about China? Don’t we eventually have to pay off the national debt? What can we afford? — Oct 15, 2018 (50:43)

Stephanie Kelton discusses what Keynes called the paradox of thrift, opening up policy space and debunking the idea that sovereign governments (the “public purse”) are constrained in the same ways as individual and household budgets.
UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
(@IIPP_UCL), British Library (@britishlibrary) — June 18, 2018 (1:26:42)

Burn the Debt Clock! with special guest economist Stephanie Kelton Electa Blog • Progressive News and Commentary — April 10, 2018 (1:11:00)

As Congress Pushes a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package, the “How Will You Pay For It?” Question Is Tossed in the Trash
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton) The Intercept (@TheIntercept) March 27, 2020

Modern Monetary Theory & Economic Education | with Stephanie Kelton — Part 1 AcTVism Munich • Information that Moves — March 21, 2018 (16:00)

The Wall is in Washington – Monetary Neoliberalism –
Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Sept 11, 2017 (11:59)

What is MODERN MONETARY THEORY? What does MODERN MONETARY THEORY mean? — Feb 15, 2017 (5:51)

Stephanie Kelton – How To Create A Currency From Scratch — Oct 16, 2016 (9:47)

Stephanie Kelton – The Angry Birds Approach to Understanding Deficits in the Modern Economy — Nov 1, 2015 (1:18:37)

Stephanie Kelton’s talk at the joint seminar on “Modern Monetary Theory” and “Monetary Circuit Theory” held at the Fields Institute. July 3, 2012 (1:22:48)