Scott Fullwiler

A Research Scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and Assistant Professor of economics at the University of Missouri – Kansas Cit, Scott Fullwiler  is the Social Entrepreneurship Program Co-Director at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He teaches courses in financial management, investments/portfolio management, financial markets, bank management, financial modeling, valuation, monetary economics, advanced macroeconomics, ecological economics, and social entrepreneurship. Scott was also an adjunct faculty in Presidio Graduate School’s (San Francisco, CA) Sustainable MBA program, where he taught sustainable capital markets.

Scott’s academic research has been largely on the interactions of financial institutions, central banks and government treasuries, such as in money markets, national payments systems, government debt operations, and central bank operations. — Excerpted from Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

25 part Twitter thread “From the very beginning in the 1990s, MMT has NEVER argued that ‘printing money’ was necessary. Anyone saying MMT = “print money,” even if they (correctly) incorporate an inflation constraint, is getting MMT dead wrong.”

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