Other Notable Voices

MMT is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary – (Economics, Humanities, Law, Sociology, etc.)

• Andres Bernal @andresintheory CUNY QC Adjunct Professor, Scholar w/ @GISP_tweets;
@TedxMcallen; Speaker, @Inversedotcom; Future 50, Policy Advisor

• Raul Carillo @RaulACarrillo chair @thepublicmoney; fintech w/ @demandprogress
& @realbankreform; @cfpb; @neweconomynyc alum.

• Emma Caterine @EmmaCaterineDSA

• Dirk Ehnts @DEhnts economist based in Berlin, author of “Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics”, „Geld und Kredit: eine €-päische Perspektive”, GNDforEurope (co)

• Jakob Feinig

• Scott Ferguson @Videotroph

• Rohan Grey @RohanGrey President,@thepublicmoney. Research Director,Digital Fiat Currency Institute (http://dfc-institute.org). Doctoral Fellow,@cornellLaw, Network Manager, @FreedomBoxFndn

• Steven Hail @StevenHailAus
Economics lecturer (Modern Monetary Theory). Author of this book Economics for Sustainable Prosperity. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/9
• Sam Levey @SamHLevey @DeficitOwls
UMKC Economics grad student! MMT and heterodox macro & political economy. Mobilization economics. Machine learning. Modern Monetary Theory for Mainstream Economists – Also putting this in the primary sources page

• Maren Poitras – Filmmaker

• Maxximilian Seijo @MaxSeijo PhD student, @ucsantabarbara
. Cohost of @moneyontheleft
, Cohost of #Superstructure w/ @agoingaccount
, @GISP_tweets
Fellow, Humanities at @thepublicmoney
Maxximilian Seijo (@maxseijo) is a Ph. D. student in Comparative Literature at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He graduated with a BA in Economics and an MA in Film & Media Studies from the University of South Florida. He is co-host of the Money on the Left podcast, junior board member of the Modern Money Network’s Humanities Division, and Research Fellow at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. His scholarship focuses on historical intersections between critical theory, media theory and heterodox political economy.

• @agoingaccount (suggested by K Cannon)

• @tragicbios (suggested by K Cannon)

• @autogestion77 (suggested by K Cannon)

• William Saas (@billysaas)

• Nathan Tankus @NathanTankus

Money on the Left is a monthly, interdisciplinary podcast that reclaims money’s public powers for imaginative intersectional politics.

Hosting critical conversations with leading historians, theorists, organizers, and activists, the show develops insights from Modern Monetary Theory and constitutional approaches to money to advance new forms of left thinking and practice.

Money on the Left is the official podcast of the Modern Money Network’s Humanities Division. It is hosted by William Saas, Maxximilian Seijo and Scott Ferguson and presented in partnership with Monthly Review magazine.

Sanjukta Paul and Lua Yullie