Green New Deal

Stephanie Kelton started us off with Instead of Worrying About Budgets and Deficits, Ask About Impact. Below, we link to research, proposals and responses re a Green New Deal which is all about nice things we — the people — and the planet can have.

Research and Proposals

Data for Progress published A GREEN NEW DEAL • A progressive vision for environmental sustainability and economic stability
— Greg Carlock (@gregorytcarlock), Emily Mangan, Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee) Data for Progress(@dataprogress), Sept 2018

The Response

Over at Down With Tyranny, Howie Klein is following the politics.


What Is Modern Monetary Theory and Why Is It So Important to the Green New Deal?
— Jacob Weindling (@Jakeweindling), Paste Magazine (@pastemagazine), Feb 8, 2019

The Story Behind the Green New Deal’s Meteoric Rise • How twelve young activists forced a bold idea into the mainstream of the Democratic Party
— Sam Adler-Bell (@SamAdlerBell), The New Republic (@NewRepublic), Feb 6, 2019

The Green New Deal: How We Will Pay for It Isn’t ‘a Thing’ – and Inflation Isn’t Either
— Robert Hockett (@rch371), Forbes, Jan 19, 2019


The Green New Deal, explained • An insurgent movement is pushing Democrats to back an ambitious climate change solution.
— By David Roberts (@drvox), Vox (@Vox), Dec 26, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez: If US Has $5.7 Billion for Trump’s Border Wall, What About Education, Healthcare, and Green Jobs?
— Jessica Corbett (@corbett_jessica), Common Dreams (@CommonDreams), Dec 21, 2018

The Job Guarantee is more than a Green New Deal job creation policy
— Bill Mitchell (@BillyBlog), Bill Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory: Macroeconomic research, teaching and advocacy Dec 17, 2018

Why America Can’t Afford to go Without a Green New Deal Dec 12, 2018

Why America Can’t Afford to go Without a Green New Deal
— Thom Hartmann (@Thom_Hartmann) talks with Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Dec 11,2018 (11:54) Cross posted to Ring of Fire

Canada needs its own Green New Deal Cross posted Dec 11, 2018 in The National Post
— D.T. Cochrane (@DTCochrane) The Conversation (@ConversationCA), Dec 10, 2018

The Democratic Party Wants to Make Climate Policy Exciting
— Robinson Meyer (@yayitsrob), The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic), Dec 5, 2018

With a Green New Deal, Here’s What the World Could Look Like for the Next Generation
— Kate Aronoff (@Kate Aronoff), The Intercept, (@theintercept) ‏ Dec 5, 2018

We Can Pay For A Green New Deal
— Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton), Andres Bernal (@andresintheory), and Greg Carlock (@gregorytcarlock) HuffPost (@HuffPost), Nov 30, 2018

— Fadhel Kaboub – Financing the War on Climate Change The Power of Financial Sovereignty. Real Progressive April 16, 2018 (51:01)


Yanis Varoufakis: Think Big, Think Bold – A Green New Deal
— Yanis Varoufakis (@yanisvaroufakis) Naked Capitalism March 26, 2014