MMT Applied: Nice Things We Can Have

Conversations about the nation’s budget should be about spending priorities and the resources necessary to accomplish them: the people, materials and time. They should emphasis benefit to individuals, families, communities: to society. The range and volume of research, proposals and commentary suggested a reorganization into several pages and sub-menu items. Change is underway; please pardon the mess.There are now separate pages for:

Debt & Tuition Free Public Education
Expanded Social Security
Federal Job Guarantee
Green New Deal
Medicare for All

Radical Imagination: Imagining Economic Democracy. Host Jim Vrettos of Manhattan Neighborhood Network, introduces Richard Wolff and Stephanie Kelton, Feb 2, 2018 (57:59)

What Modern Monetary Theory Can Teach Us about Criminal Justice
— Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Tropics of Meta, July 6, 2017

Free Culture? Free Finance.
— The Modern Money Network (Columbia Chapter), The Morningside Muckracker, Oct 28, 2014

Why Banking at the Post Office Could Be a Better Option Than Payday Loans—and Wall Street • USPS used to offer financial services. Proponents say that bringing them back could buffer us from financial meltdowns and alleviate poverty. Here’s why it just might work.
— Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Yes! Magazine, Aug 6, 2014