MMT Applied: Nice Things We Can Have

Conversations about the nation’s budget should be about spending priorities and the resources necessary to accomplish them: the people, materials and time. The range and volume of research, proposals and commentary suggested a reorganization into several pages and sub-menu items. Please pardon the mess.

ABC goes gaga for Modern Monetary Theory
— “Houses and Holes in Economics”, MacroBusiness, Nov 21, 2018 #JobGuarantee

What Money Can Buy • The promise of a universal basic income—and its limitations.
— Bryce Covert (@BryceCovert), The Nation (@TheNation), Aug 15, 2018

We Need Strategies for Integrating MMT Knowledge Into Progressive Politics
— Max Mastellone (@MaxMastellone), Real Progressives USA, April 24, 2018

‘Reclaiming the State – a Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World’ • A challenge to the left to repoliticise on national decision-making
— Anthony Coughlan, Village Magazine(@VillageMagIRE),
March 30, 2018

How Progressives Can Criticize Trump’s $7 Trillion Deficit Without Preaching Austerity
— Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff), In These Times, Feb. 13, 2018

Radical Imagination: Imagining Economic Democracy. Host Jim Vrettos of Manhattan Neighborhood Network, introduces Richard Wolff and Stephanie Kelton, Feb 2, 2018 (57:59)

“But How Will We Pay for It?”: Modern Monetary Theory and Democratic Socialism”
— Alexander Kolokotronis, (@AVK48) Sean Keith (@sean_keith) Truthout, Jan 2, 2018

What Modern Monetary Theory Can Teach Us about Criminal Justice
— Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Tropics of Meta, July 6, 2017


Free Culture? Free Finance.
— The Modern Money Network (Columbia Chapter), The Morningside Muckracker, Oct 28, 2014

Why Banking at the Post Office Could Be a Better Option Than Payday Loans—and Wall Street • USPS used to offer financial services. Proponents say that bringing them back could buffer us from financial meltdowns and alleviate poverty. Here’s why it just might work.
— Raúl Carrillo (@RaulACarrillo), Yes Magazine, Aug 6, 2014